The Safe Slide Mission

Safe Slide Restoration’s philosophy is Strong Foundations First. We don’t believe in shoddy work or temporary fixes. Our technicians inspect the equipment with an extensive checklist and our years of experience as a premiere water slide repair company ensure that any issues will be addressed up front. This minimizes the chances for any costly surprises down the road, usually saving tens of thousands of dollars in ongoing water park maintenance costs. Before coating a slide, we seek to address problems like blisters, cracks, delamination, coring, voids, and fractured fiberglass. We don’t like partial solutions; we know our customers don’t either. Every year Safe Slide repairs water slides with failed, unproven coatings. We refuse to experiment on your slide, and we are committed to utilizing the industry’s best resins and coatings in our work for you. Our ongoing interest in and dedication to employing top-level coatings results in safe, gorgeous slides… and happy customers!

We offer competitive pricing and seek to minimize the downtime of your slide or operation. Safe Slide values customer safety as highly as it does customer satisfaction. We are committed to a drug-free work environment, and insist on safety training for our technicians. Your peace of mind and bodily safety is our goal and the Safe Slide team is committed to quality work to make those goals reality.

Our Lighting and Sound Partner

Safe Slide Restoration has partnered with iSlide to bring a whole new water slide experience to the United States. iSlide is a ground breaking company which has developed many new water slide technologies. Using these technologies a person riding down a water slide can see 3D projections of sharks, play interactive games, share their experiences on social media, and much more. If you desire to bring this new experience to your water park, call us today 855-639-7543.