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Safe Slide Certified

What does it mean when we say safe slide certified? When a new trade emerges, a new standard needs to be raised to provide a safe product that will stand the test of time. By hiring well and offering both formal and on-the-job training we believe that we can’t continue to push the bar higher. The American Composite Association offers an open mold certification that we extend to our motivated technicians after 2000 hours of hands on experience. We believe in cultivating a team atmosphere that will bring our technicians back year after year. We recognize The value of experience. Next time we are at your park feel free to ask one of our certified composite technicians to answer any of your questions.

…to learn more about our certification check out the following page: Safe Slide Water Slide Repair Certifications

Employment Opportunities

Safe Slide is seeking motivated individuals who are interested in a positive working environment working one on one, closely with other individuals on the road for weeks at a time. We are seeking crew leaders, fiberglass specialists, and motivated, hard workers who are committed to a bright future in an on-the-road service environment. At Safe Slide you will be appreciated for your skills and compensated accordingly. Continue reading

Safe Slide Water Slide Repair

The Importance Of Water Park Maintenance

Water park maintenance helps ensure that all of the slides and other water-based activities offered by a water park are safe for the people that wish to use them. Many people do not realize that there is a lot that goes into taking care of one of these parks. Continue reading