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Zoom Flume, East Durham, New York

zoom flume logoMajor restoration project for this closed flume body slide. The exterior was recoated not only because of aesthetic reasons, but the top panels were showing fiberglass deterioration from the sun. This means that the original coating from the manufacturer had completely came off leaving many areas with bare unprotected fiberglass. The interior of the slide needed only minor chip repair, some caulking and some gel coat restoration work.

Fountain’s Resort, Orlando, Florida

bearbottomlogoSafe Slide Restoration completed major and minor fiberglass repairs on two body slides. We removed failed coatings in the ride path and reapplied white gel coat to hold up to the Florida sun. We primed as needed and applied high gloss marine grade paint to the exterior.

Zoombezi Bay Columbus Zoo, Powell, Ohio

bearbottomlogoWe completely transformed this ride experience by restoring it and adding iSlide products. First, we repaired damaged fiberglass, painted the exterior with high gloss orange, and applied a durable white gelcoat to the interior. Next, we installed 34 music responding LED lights, seven 8″ powerful speakers, countdown traffic light with sensors, and an 8 button control system which allows guest to choose their own music experience. They can choose one of 7 different music genres (rock, country, hip-hop, rave etc.) with one natural wind and rain experience. This completely transformed ride can even be expanded further with revenue generating systems like photography, video, and social media packages. If you would like to see the transformation process and what the new ride experience is like click here.

Michigan’s Adventure, Muskegon Michigan

bearbottomlogoSafe Slide Restoration completed major and minor fiberglass repairs on three body slides. We prepared the ride path and then applied bright high gloss colors. We primed as needed and applied high gloss marine grade paint to the exterior.

Gardener Water Park

splashtownSafe Slide Restoration completed major and minor fiberglass repairs on two body slides and one tube slide. In addition, we washed, primed and applied exterior fiberglass coatings. On the steel tower we sandblasted, primed, and and applied exterior finish coating. Safe Slide also sandblasted, primed and and apply exterior finish coating to a play structure here.

Water Country, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

splashtownSafe Slide Restoration performed a total renovation of two water slides at Water Country in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. These two water slides weren’t looking so great, but our team came in and made them look like top notch slides. The renovation of these water slides included fiberglass repairs, gelcoating of the slides ride paths, and painting of slide exterior with PPG polysiloxane system. In addition, our service always comes with a smile!

Splash Town, Houston, Texas

splashtownAfter discovering worn gelcoat and troubled seams on their water slide, the team at Splash Town water park decided it was time for their slide to be renovated. After reinforcing some soft panels with coring, our crew went to work fixing their water slides troubled seams. We finished off the job by coating the ride path with our premium gelcoat. Even with all that we did, we still were able to finish in time for the water park’s opening day.

Wild River Country, Little Rock, Arkansas

wildRiverCountry-LittleRock-ArkansasBeing part of a total renovation of a water park is especially exciting for us at Safe Slide Restoration. That’s why we appreciated be part of the team at Wild River Country. Painting the exteriors of all the water slides was just what the park needed.  After this much needed face lift, we inspected all the ride paths and repaired any chips or abrasions on their water slides to secure the safety of all the parks guest.

World Waterpark Magazine wrote a full article about our work in their January 2014 edition titled, “The Rebirth of Wild River Country”. You can read the full article by clicking here.

Hershey Park, Hershey Pennsylvania

At Hershey Park, Safe Slide Water Slide Restoration polished and waxed all of the water slides in the pictures below except the slide pictured first. The first slide displayed had its exterior repainted. Additionally we repaired all structurally damaged fiberglass in the ride paths of the water slides. Many people noted how these slides did not simply appear to be polished, but looked like they had been entirely re-gelcoated after we were finished. These slides were brought back to life through our slide renewal techniques.

Bear Bottom Resort Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri

bearbottomlogoAt Bear Bottom Resort, Safe Slides re-gelcoated the ride path of the water slides pictured below. Additionally, we permanently sealed all seams with fiberglass using our seamless system. In the ride path, there were several structurally damaged areas of fiberglass that we repaired. Additionally, we installed a unique, non-slip pattern in the start tubs. Finally, to make an impression with their customers and make their slides look like new, we painted the exterior of the slides.